We make a good partner–working with you and working for you.

Working with You
We understand and respect the important role other advisors play in furthering our mutual clients' goals. To that end, our wealth management professionals form strong working partnerships with our clients' attorneys, accountants and other trusted advisors helping to ensure that each client's strategy is both comprehensive and seamlessly executed.

Working for You
We also offer an array of investment, asset servicing and specialized banking services in direct support of many of the nation's leading professional firms, financial advisors and other institutions. In addition to custody and investment resources, for instance, we offer deposit and escrow arrangements, customized credit, and access to our larger organization's capabilities in areas such as foreign exchange and capital markets. As a result, our professional and institutional clients can leverage the vast capabilities of BNY Mellon and the specialized skills and experience of a wealth management leader, in the way that most directly addresses their organizations' unique needs and requirements.

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