Open Architecture? Closed Architecture? We've made it about Strategic ArchitectureSM.
Investment strategy decisions based on what serves—not what sells
Dedicated teams responsible for investment selection and oversight
Exceptional access to internal and external investment solutions
Rigorous ongoing oversight and reporting

For years, many have debated the merits of investment providers based on the distinction between open and closed platforms. Being open theoretically suggests an ability to pick "best-in-class" managers but can diminish accountability and actual results for the client. Being closed, and therefore accountable for decisions and results, can mean compromising the quality or range of solutions today's complex market environment demands.

Our solution? Reject a system that doesn't work, and embrace a unique approach called Strategic Architecture.

How does BNY Mellon's Strategic Architecture work? First, it starts with reasons—before recommendations. We strategically think about opportunities and portfolio needs, using our investment research and asset allocation thinking as our guide. We then thoughtfully define, with detailed criteria, what type of investment solution will best serve the needs of our private clients and their specific portfolio objectives. Employing a thorough due diligence process, we evaluate a range of investment managers and strategy alternatives for potential selection.

The chosen solutions may come from our dedicated wealth management organization, the exceptional institutional investment boutiques of BNY Mellon, or external managers. Regardless of the source, the ultimate selection is driven by our market insights and investment convictions, and guided by what we believe will best serve our clients. In addition, every manager and every investment strategy selected is actively and carefully monitored—in terms of people, processes, thoughts, actions and results. So the investment resources and recommendations we offer every client consistently adhere to our stated standards, beliefs and expectations while helping to achieve each client's unique goals.

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