Money managers who actually
manage money.
Excellence and depth across asset classes and styles
$1.7 trillion assets under management1
$196.9 billion in private client assets2
7th largest U.S. asset manager3
7th largest global asset manager4

When it comes to asset management, we are unique. We are among the world's largest and most highly regarded asset managers and one of the few wealth managers today who also maintains a dedicated investment organization exclusively focused on the unique needs of private investors. Unlike many firms, we actively manage our own investments rather than buy products. We are firmly committed to what we offer and remain accountable for our decisions in a way few other firms do. This deep asset management focus results in thorough, first-hand investment knowledge and experience.

We understand every aspect of every investment in each client's portfolio, and have full transparency in investment oversight, strategy, management and results. Our direct management approach also can help to achieve lower costs and greater control over tax consequences, both of which are critical to generating competitive absolute and relative returns for high net worth investors.

The truth is, in this era of increased financial complexity, skilled professional asset management is more critical than ever. To realize the best possible results no matter the market, we offer deep expertise and strengths across all asset classes and specialties, including equity, fixed income and alternative investments.

As of 6/30/16.
As of 6/30/16.
Institutional Investor, July 8, 2015.
The Bank of New York Mellon, based on assets as of 12/31/14. Source: Pensions and Investments, November 10, 2014.
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