Investment Approach

A commitment to what serves, not what sells.

We understand high net worth investors, and we've built our organization around meeting their needs. We draw upon leadership in all areas of investing, offering an extensive range of resources that few firms can match. Just as important as these capabilities, however, is how we think about investing and put our strengths to work for each client—and why.

In fact, thinking about 'why' is at the root of everything we do. Our investment approach is driven by one ultimate goal: enhancing total portfolio results for each client while controlling risk across all market cycles. To achieve this, we adhere to a strong set of investment fundamentals: a focus on after-tax, total portfolio returns; global diversification and balance across asset classes; disciplined strategies that emphasize the long term; and an active, accountable management approach. And we approach investing with a forward looking, disciplined mindset, recognizing that, more than ever, deep insights and constant innovation are key to investment success.

Our Distinctive Approach
We have four core aspects to our multi-dimensional investment approach that work together seamlessly. Each of these components informs, complements and enhances the other, so that the advantages our clients realize are greater than the sum of each exceptional part.

  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Strategic ArchitectureSM
  • Asset Management
  • Objective-Driven Investing
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