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Your mortgage - an essential part of your wealth management strategy.
BNY Mellon Wealth Managementís mortgage specialists apply thorough industry knowledge to each clientís distinct situation and wealth management goal, delivering custom-tailored mortgage solutions specifically designed for private clients.
    Competitive Products and Programs
  • LIBOR-based pricing
  • Adjustable-rate mortgages with multiple fixed-rate terms
  • 100% financing with additional collateral
  • Co-op and condominium financing
  • Construction-to-permanent financing with a single closing and rate locked prior to completion
  • Blanket mortgages on residences in multiple states
  • Loan modification availability
    Our Mortgage Services include flexible options
  • Interest-only payments for the first ten years
  • Zero-to-multiple point options
  • Tax and insurance escrows waived at no fee
  • No cash-out restrictions for refinancing
  • No prepayment penalty on most mortgage products
Blanket Mortgages
    Clients enjoy the flexibility and convenience of having a single mortgage cover multiple properties.
  • Consolidate financing in a single mortgage with one convenient payment
  • Avoid possible capital gains as a result of not having to liquidate an investment portfolio to fund a home purchase
  • Sell one or more properties and partial loan repayment without penalty
  • Take advantage of the maximum interest deductibility, up to $1.1 million
Blanket Mortgages
Construction-to-Permanent First Mortgage Financing
    Whether a client is constructing a new home or renovating an existing property our construction-to-permanent financing offers convenience and flexibility.
  • Enjoy the convenience of a single loan closing
  • Save on closing costs and points
  • Lock in rates and terms prior to construction
  • Select from competitive adjustable-rate mortgage programs
  • Take full over disbursements of funds to pay contractors
  • Borrow against invested assets rather than liquidating securities
Construction-to-Permanent First Mortgage Financing
Interest-Only Financing Option
    Clients who take advantage of interest-only payments may receive incremental tax benefits as well as free up cash for other investments and opportunities.
  • Maximize tax deductions and monthly cash flow
  • Obtain liquidity to pursue other investment opportunities
  • Match principal payments with income stream such as yearly bonuses
  • Pay principal at any time
Interest-Only Financing Option
100% Financing Option
    Clients can leverage the full value of their new or existing home by using our 100% financing option and pledging qualified assets as additional collateral.
  • Keep investment portfolio fully invested with no disruption to long-term financial goals
  • Avoid capital gains taxes because assets are not liquidated
  • Potentially deduct interest on entire mortgage amount
100% Financing Option
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