Dynamic Allocation Viewer
Diversification today is about more than balancing stocks and bonds.
We manage our portfolios across a number of dimensions.
Explore how this dynamic approach works.
Today's investment world and economic challenges call for a sophisticated approach to asset allocation one that adjusts actively to both shorter-term market dynamics and long-term views. And one that looks beyond traditional views of asset classes, to consider the purpose and role of each portfolio component, as well as how varying asset allocations serve distinct client objectives. We call this approach Strategic Asset Allocation.
The Dynamic Allocation Viewer allows you to explore how our multi-dimensional approach has been applied historically, along with the thinking behind our changes.
Portfolio Type Selector
Select "Objective-driven" or "Traditional" portfolio views. Objective-driven portfolio views reflect client-specific lifestyle needs and wealth transfer goals. Traditional portfolio views show specific mixes of equity and fixed income based on goals and risk tolerance.
Allocation Illustrations
View a selection of our objective-driven and traditional portfolio allocations. When viewing our traditional portfolio allocations, the portfolio buttons refer to the percentage of equity and fixed income within the portfolio.
Category Viewer
When viewing an objective-driven allocation, use the buttons on the right to toggle between conventional "asset" groupings (i.e., equity, fixed income and alternative investments) and "purpose" groupings based on the specific role of the investment (i.e., preservation and income, inflation protection, capital appreciation, incremental diversification and enhanced return).
Select points along the timeline to view strategic changes we made increasing or introducing asset classes where we saw opportunities, and reducing or eliminating allocations that were relatively less attractive or had run their course.
Strategic Thinking
Below the timeline is a summary of each allocation change. For our more complex changes, you can view additional information by clicking on an increase or decrease arrow.
Headline of Portfolio Change (MMM, YYYY)
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There is no guarantee that changes in allocations will result in positive performance. While our current perspectives and past changes represent our "best thinking" at those points in time, specific client requirements or constraints may limit the implementation of such changes to allocations. Our current perspectives may change at any time without notice.
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